Manually Invoking a __doPostBack Call

I have a web forms page with a button that involkes a __doPostBack callback to the page. I would like to invoke this manually - by “manually” I mean from outside the webpage, for example by using wget. Is there a way or an example of the best way to do this, please?

I agree with you, and would do the same… if I had the source code - unfortunately this is a purchased app my company uses that is lacking in automation functionality (and, funnily enough, the users don’t want to have to click this for 8000 items). We are pursuing other options but this is my last-ditch solution and as it’s going to be fiddly to do I thought I’d get the question in early, as we’re on a deadline

I think what you need to do is get something like Charles debugging proxy or Fiddler. Click on the button that makes the post back and check what the variables are that its posting and try and replicate that. And hopefully that will do the trick

Personally, if I wanted a web service, I’d just build a web service. Trick with trying to post remotely to ASP.NET is there is a bunch of viewstate validation stuff you need to disable (bad) or circumvent (tricky).