Manually Create cPanel Subdomains with SSH?

Does anyone know how to make sub domains through SSH?

You need to edit the zone file for the domain so that the subdomains can be resolved to IPs, and you need to add VirtualHost blocks to your httpd config to route those subdomains to paths. Whatever you do may conflict with cPanel and either end up being overwritten or breaking something.

Hello NextSite,

You only need to take care for few things ::
The “A” record for the subdomain is pointing to the right IP address for the server.
The name servers at registrar as well as at the server side are resolving fine. The subdomain is setup correctly on the webserver mean to say a correct VirtualHost entry and correct document root/home directory.

You should not add things manually because cPanel will take a dislking to it at some point.

If you do, do it manually then make sure you add the DNS= line to /var/cpanel/users/xxxx