Managing large number of servers


I want to get information of how to maintain large number of servers in a big environment. Let me explain by an example

Let say there are more than 200 server and all of them are kind of running the same services e.g. web server, mail server, file ftp server etc. and they all need to be check and monitored on daily basis and check if anyone of them have problems.

So what is the best possible solution for this kind of server environment.



We are a 24/7 Server Management company and very familiar with the environment. Currently we are managing 500+ servers including Web Servers, Mail Servers , File servers etc…

We are using Nagios for 24/7 service monitoring.

For laod monitoring, if the server load reaches a certain threshold we will get alerts and we can act proactively.


Thank you for your reply.

OK i see that Nagios is a monitoring software. But what if someone need to install/update any new software or service on these server. As i think Nagios is not designed such purpose.

If there is a software available which can do install/update ?


Will it also have the functionality of monitoring all of these servers too OR for monitoring will need a separate software