Managing Friend-Requests

I could use some advice on Managing Friend-Requests.

It appears that my initial design may not have been thought out completely.

Here is what I have currently…

Member 1 is logged in and after looking at Member 2’s Profile, decides to make a Friend-Request.

Member 2 goes into his/her “Manage Friend-Requests” page and sees a listing of everyone requesting to be Friends with him/her.

For each entry, there is the Requestor’s Username, Photo, and 3 radio buttons with the choices of “Decide Later”, “Accept”, and “Decline”.

If Member 2 clicks “Accept”, then under his/her “My Friends” tab, Member 1’s Username and Photo will appear.

If Member 2 clicks “Decline”, then Member 1 disappears from the “Manage Friend-Requests” page and is gone forever.

If Member 2 leaves things as “Decide Later”, then Member 1 will remain in the “Manage Friend-Requests” page until a decision is made.

To me, this seemed like a nice and simple design, however, one could argue that my design is limited…

For example, maybe Member 2 should have the ability to see everyone that has made a Friend-Request regardless of the outcome. (I chose to make the Friending process a one-time deal, because otherwise you could have 2,000 Wannabees listed?!) :eek:

Also, maybe you could argue that Member 2 needs the ability change the status of someone. Maybe Member 1 gets an “Accept” initially, but after being a pain, Member 2 needs a way to change that status and “Decline” Member 1?

This is where I am not sure what to do.

Like most things in life, you could make this entire process inordinately complicated with tons of business rules…

Any suggestions on whether I should keep things as-is, or whether I need to add more flexibility?