Managing Affiliates accounts

I’m currently signed up with about 15 affiliate programs, making commissions off each sale. That’s 15 different accounts on 15 different sites, 15 username/ password.

I’m going to be expanding to about over 50 affiliates in the next few months.

Is there a services out there that will manage all these accounts for me? Managing all these is going to be a hassle ie logging into these check who owes me money.

Anyone have any suggestions?

My suggestion is to just stole all your logins in a spreadsheet and use Tracking202 to monitor your stats. I think that’s the easiest option :slight_smile:

I have a simple HTML table which links to all the sites I usually log-into - the href URL is a direct link to the site’s login form with my username and password passed off as GET parameters directly in the link.

Of course, it’s better to keep that page somewhere in a secure location.

I use MS Excel table to store such info.
It could be locked with password.

I also use Excel to store the URLs to the main affiliate site and all other pertinent info, but it does not help with keep track of my sales. But since most of them are clickbank products so they keep track of my stats for those ones.