Managed to ruin my menu, please help

Hi, firstly - apologies if this is in the wrong thread, but i’m sure this is php related. I think.

if you take a look at my site here you will see on the top white bar a load of text all over lapping.

they are supposed to be menu options and clearly i’ve altered something by mistake that has made them all go to the same place as appose to spreading themselves out.

if anyone can help me, thanks so much.

i don’t want to mess with it anymore or i’ll make it worse!

damn, its gotten worse. on safari im not seeing the text at all.

it shows it on chrome though

what have i done

This will unlikely to be something we can fix in a PHP forum.

Look at the HTML source code, that is coming from the server. PHP will be playing its part in sending that HTML stream of data FROM the server.

That the HTML stream does not play together nicely with JS/CSS is not a PHP problem.

The way to solve this is normally to save the HTML source code, (maybe format it a bit too so that it is readable) and the dependent JS/CSS/resource files in a folder. Isolate the display problem and try and get it fixed.

Find the fix and then go back and check what generated the HTML source code.

It is rarely the fault of PHP though.

Hi JEJ and welcome to Sitepoint.
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OK, in your CSS you have a rule for #submenu li a

#submenu li a {
    color: #B73130;
    display: block;
    margin: 0;
    padding: 12px 10px 12px 10px;
    text-decoration: none;
    position: fixed;

The position fixed is making them all sit in exactly the same place :slight_smile:
remove the position: fixed.

Off Topic:

I have moved this over to the CSS forum as it has replies and deleted your other post here.