Managed hosting for Joomla/Wordpress/Drupal?

Hello all -

My partner and I are in the process of resurrecting our old outsourcing business, which primarily does work with open source apps like wordpress, joomla, drupal, magneto.

The age-old problem is that these apps, especially joomla and wordpress, suffer from security issues due to their popularity and it’s necessary to update them with every security patch just as soon as it’s released. In the past, we had a full time admin who would take care of that for us but we’re hoping to avoid needing such a resource this time around.

I’m interested in learning how people deal with this issue. I know that there are plenty of indie/boutique shops which simply host and maintain the sites on their own, but that can be very time consuming and it’s not the model I’m hoping to establish.

Instead, we’d like to get these sites hosted by a facility that will keep the maintained/patched/upgraded/healthy and will just take care of that whole world for us.

Does such a service exist??? Any tips?
thanks, Dave :slight_smile:

Dave, The host I use does all the updates as part of the installer package. However for example, WordPress, I loose the ability to upload/customize themes, plugins and other admin tweaks. I don’t think you will find a host that will patch for you but allow you full control.