Managed hosting for AWS?

I’m about to start development of a website that needs to be hosted “in the cloud” for both scalability and marketing purposes (seems that the cloud is the be-all-end-all these days, and customers automatically assume that performance will be better). I don’t have an IT staff, and am looking into managed AWS hosting solutions.

I recently came across cloudways, chatted with them and it looks like they might be a good solution to help me to manage my AWS hosted site. I was wondering if anyone has either used them, or has had great experiences with some other company that would manage an AWS hosted site.


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Hi kreut,

I am the Community Manager at Cloudways, I can connect you with our clients or you can find a few under the “Customers” section on our website.

Apart from that, we offer an intuitive platform that provides you server and application control through the UI, you don’t need to dive into the server stuff as we manage all of that, and apart from that we have optimized the servers with Nginx, Varnish cache, Apache and Memcache to speed up the performance of websites on AWS cloud servers.

You can easily install multiple and unlimited number of websites and applications on a single server, install SSLs, integrate Git, setup cron jobs right from the platform.

What we do is take the hassle of managing servers away from clients so they can focus on building amazing websites :smile:

Feel free to ask anything.

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