Man I cant find the rule for font

Im using a wp theme and no matter what I change in any of the css the fonts of all headings, posts, everything never changes. I am so stuck and frustrated as to what to do, is there a way round this, any ideas guys?

We would need more information (like seeing your CSS) to say for sure, but if you post it I or someone would be glad to take a look.

Though check the body{} and look for h1,h2,h3… and so on. There might even be classes or IDs attached to the heading tags.

Thanks for your reply man

The thing is this theme has about 7 stylesheets. Ive looked in all and cant find anything that would make sense e.g post size, main title size.

To be honest this theme is cool but I wouldn’t mind going for something similar which is alot more flexible and easier. Here it is anyway

I’m not sure what all headings you want to alter the font on but the main posts are:

.loop .entry .title h2, .loop .entry .title h2 a

and the sidebar headings are:

.sidebar .widget .title

This .css file here: @imports another file: titled: css/style.css.php?c=1

I’m guessing that there may be a way to edit this within the themes settings in the dashboard.

Wow man thanks. Im gonna get cracking on it now and see what I can change. Thanks so much dude

Have you tried asking for help from the them designer.