Making the transition from google ads to facebook ads

Hi from think in fog Wakefield UK…

Whilst I’m very familiar with google ads today Ive decided to have a crack at facebook ads. But something is foxing me and its to do with key words…

Say for example I want to target women on facebook who have just announced there wedding engagement how do I do this?

Now the above screen grab illustrates the likes and dislikes which apprently is the equivalent to google ads keywords.

If thats true how do i get an add to appear everytime a woman announces there wedding?

Any insights welcome…

See, this is the kind of thread that makes my jaw drop…

What a fantastic place to share ideas, questions, answers, advice, know-how, tell-all, and everything I (or you) need to make my IM business even better.

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Not exactly… Facebook Interests are exactly that, terms people have put into their profile from which Facebook will tell you an estimated number of people you will reach. There’s no requirement to put in a term like wedding planning, some people will, some won’t, and some will be wedding planners themselves.

What you’ll want to do is setup a variety of ads and situations looking at interests, marriage status, and other demographics to target towards your customer base. If you try to only limit yourself to people who state they are planning a wedding in their profile you miss a big part of the market but of course will have more targeted traffic.

Remember, Facebook is not a search engine, it’s a community so what people write is about their lives, not necessarily something they are looking for. You will want to craft your ads around the right audience but also deliver a message that’s meaningful to a connection… trying to get a hard sale is much more difficult and often leaves a lot of customers out of the equation as opposed to doing things to build up a relationship and get them following you for the long[er] term.

There’s many ways… the company could have been targetting people in a certain marital status (engaged), she could have added keywords to her profile about it, or joined a group. My point is that you need to target all of these systems and also realize that not everyone is going to make a specific interest or group change when this happens which is why you may want to test some broader promotions on overall status or even wider and just use demographics.

And of course your friend may have seen the ad a dozen times and just not noticed it until they needed it.

I guess I would to know then how my friend when on facebook announced her engagement then got an add offering wedding photographic services.
What interests would they have opted for?

You kinda got the hand of it, but remember that google and facebook are two very different sites. Facebook only knows what you type in but google knows what you are about to type in. Do you get the difference.

If a person doesn’t actually say they are interested in wedding planners or anything like that then facebook won’t know.

As they have said that facebook only relies on the keyword that will type. Try to look for more specific keyword. I agree with Ted into targeting people in engaged marital status. Great idea Ted!