Making the Most of Google WebMaster Tools

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Any other tips you guys would add with regards to using webmaster tools?

Nice intro to the tool Mike.

I’ve found Google’s webmaster tools (WMT) invaluable in identifying problems in our video games database (if you’re interested there’s a link in my profile). Having hundreds of thousands of pages, would otherwise be pretty much impossible to keep on top of. Even though it’s template-based, which does make it fairly manageable, having a “bot’s eye view” revealed some real fubars in the less well travelled corners of the site. As a bit of a noob to SEO, when I started using WMT I immediately facepalmed myself at the huge number of dupe page titles and descriptions. I’ve culled that from 40k+ to “just” a few thousand now, and those are typically due to paginated results pages sharing a title. I’ll squash those too, eventually!

For me, however, I find the search query report the most enlightening. While GAnalytics offers much the same data, WMT makes it much easier to feel the “heartbeat” of impressions from search and term trending. Crucially, however, it’s the visibility this report offers on whether a Googler visits your site or not and where your site ranks in the SERPS that’s the winner; Seeing the traffic that /doesn’t/ click through gives you a change to step back an consider why your SERP entry doesn’t convert. Also, being able to differentiate between image, web and mobile is proper real eye opener; who knew Tera Partick image searches would result in such long tail traffic for an 18month old news article!

I think we can rely heavily on Google Webmaster tools. This is because all of the Google tools are helpful in building SEO techniques.

I use their tool a lot to really target problem areas of my site. It is an invaluable resource! :slight_smile:

Now comes with new featured, it can show you which keyword bring traffic to you, and of course the average rank too. It helps us to SEO our site page to page.


what tools are we talking about here?

If you use it to see traffic and keyword diagnostics its good but nothing you can’t do with many other services even analytics. I LOVE WEBMASTER TOOLS BECAUSE: it shows me Errors googlebot find on my site and I’m pretty sure if googlebot says its an error it will have negative impact on your SERP score. So keep friends with googlebot and keep building good quality links.

Analyze Meta Descriptions and Title Tags
Google will provide a list of URLs that have duplicate title tags or duplicate meta descriptions as well as if there are pages with to short, or to long, meta descriptions or titles.

I like to see how many terms I am being found on. The shorter tail terms I go for, the more longer tail terms I pick up, and I like to see that number grow over time.

I’ve found Google’s webmaster tools (WMT) invaluable in identifying problems in our video games database

Wow! that’s a good tool, really it totolly awesome.


Google webmaster tools is god and may help you to promote your web site.

I really like Google Webmaster tools as it helps see any errors encountered while crawling your site! Great!

GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) is convenient and efficient for me because it’s free and it’s services are great.
Some SEO tools are advertised and sold on the market having almost the same service in GWT.
So why pay when you can have it for free :slight_smile:

In my opinion the best feature of GWT is the organic impression share information and CTR figures. This allows you to be able to tweak your title and meta data and see the difference it makes in relative terms.

There are of course other ways of doing this but they aren’t anywhere near as easy as using GWT.

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Webmaster tools is the best tool in terms of SEO. Combined with Google Analytics it gives you invaluable information which you can use

The best feature seems to be the discovering and fixing any malware-related problems…it’s good for the internet users who are not aware of malicious scripts which harm the computer and the reason why Google disable the site…with a content warning.!

I like to use Google Webmaster tools. It’s really useful.

Google webmaster tool can help your website to get higher rankings. Google webmaster need the urls of your site map of your website and then submit it. Its very effective!

I found GWT invaluable and produced the following tool to easily display canonica links, titles, keywords and descriptions, etc

To activate this tool select the “Show” in: /GMT_display_helper

Now it is easier to check Google’s->HTML suggestions.

Any suggestions for improvements?