Making the change!

Well hello fellow design peeps.

I have a question of which you may be able to answer for me. Here’s the deal. Take into account here that I am pretty naive and learning all the time!!!

Right. I have created a website of five pages all linked together. So far so good. Here’s my quandary. By my own stupidity I didn’t real plan it all out and I now want to add another link. Is there a way of putting that link on all five pages in one hit or do I have to enter them all individually on each page? If it’s the latter then so be it, my own fault for not thinking it through. If it’s the former, then I could do it in one go. Not being lazy, don’t you know…

Lesson to self… remember PPPPPP

Here’s hoping eh?

Kind regards


Only 5 pages and you’re already learning about maintenance problems!

I was much more stubborn and didn’t learn until I had many pages :blush:

Got PHP? It’s fairly easy to create a “nav-menu.php” file and [fphp]include[/fphp] it in your page files.
Or you could go with a templating solution if you’re up to that.

Hi there and thanks for the quick call back.

I understand where you are coming from, but I tend to panic early. I was going to do a lot more pages, but saw the error of my ways so stopped abruptly.

I am sorely tempted to go down the template route here, and its a challenge for me as well. (Took me three days to do five pages):blush:

Glad I found this forum. Thats two questions answered within twelve hours.:smiley:

Many thanks for the reply and I’ll let the world know how I got on.

PHP includes are great, and very easy to use. However, as you’re not currently using them, a simple solution would be to do a “find and replace”. My editor (Bluefish) allows me to choose whether to make changes to one document or all open documents, and I image other editors are the same. Just select the link above or below the place you want to insert a new link, then replace that on all pages with the code for the two links.