Making Stroked Photos snap together correctly?

Hello SitePoint members,
I want to make a grid of many small thumbnail photos of people all together in Photoshop or flash. They should be one big wall of little 80x80 thumbnails each with a white stroke around them. I choose inner stroke from Photoshop. Now here is the problem. When I snap these stroked boxed photos together the stroke doubles in size where the boxes snap together. I don’t want that. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I suppose I can make the box that snaps to the other box go in a little on a bottom layer so it looks like there is only one stroke there. But that would take away from the correct dimensions of the box.
If I did not make myself clear I apologize.
Thanks for your help;.

Why not align all 80x80 thumbnails like you want them to be, no strokes, and the draw lines over them to form the grid?

TIP: draw one line first, copy it, move the copied version, copy the two lines (orginal + copy), move these two lines, copy the four lines, move, etc… makes it a lot faster than drawing all lines one by one :slight_smile:
You probably know this but to copy multiple layers select them in the layer panel and press CTRL+J (or drag holding the ALT key)

Yea I don’t think there’s any real way around it using stroke - I don’t think you can make PS only stroke on certain edges, and even if you did you’d be hand specifying each image depending on whether it was on an adge, a corner etc. I’d just do as above and draw the lines in “manually”.

Thanks everyone.
That’s what I’m doing, drawing them in manually.

I would not recommend drawing strokes over your photos. That isn’t flexible. If you change the size of your photos or the spacing you will have to redraw all your strokes!

Why not just use a white background and evenly space your photos out with the distribution options?

  1. Select your move tool and you should see in your tool bar at the top (below your menus) the distribution options. (Boxes with lines in the middle/left/right etc…)

If you don’t know how to use this… post again.

This way you can change the spacing/size and your fake strokes will not have to be updated.

Am I missing something here or that’s not what you wanted?