Making Signage Effects

Good morning, I have been learning Photoshop recently and was following this tutorial as I really like the effect it creates -

However I get to step 7 and it asks me to download some light bulbs - and then I need to pay.

Is there a way around this or is it just a case of I need to pay? It seems odd that you would produce a tutorial for something that in the end costs students of the subject money, but maybe I am missing the point and that particular page is just a revenue generator?!

All step & is using as stock image, if you have a stock image of a lightbulb or can draw one yourself, you can substitute that image for the one suggested in ‘step 7’

I definitely cannot draw one!! Do you have any recommendations of stock image websites?

You can just use this google image search. It is for headlights, I chose it because they’re typically round and shot straight-on. You are actually only after the shape for your tutorial because it hand colours them to “turn them on”. Just grab a photo you like and draw around the bulb and insert in your tutorial. I’m sure there are some product sample shots in there that won’t give two hoots if you use their image in your tutorial.

You can draw them in Photoshop actually, Just give a circle the appropriate gradient and blending modes.


You can hunt for similar images in google images