Making server request for large data sets

Wasn’t sure where to ask this, but as json-ajax is one solution, I thought here would be ideal.

We have a problem where sending server requests to load in say ‘Item listings’ - simillar to ebay… if we send an ajax request to load in all xboxes the page load time varies significantly. It varies from 2seconds up to 15+ seconds. It’s very inconsistent. We know one of the problems is also related to getting the users location via GeoIP, but still the times are not good. Suppose, asides obvious optimization, is there a better method to load large data sets? Would WebSockets be ideal?


Below are 2 typical examples… I have no idea why sometimes it can load at a somewhat acceptable speed and other times it takes ages. Given my limited knowledge, I have configured Nginx as good as I can. Really at a stand still with all this now =( Any help greatly appreciated

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