Making money on your own websites

I have over 100 domains and have no idea how to take advantage of them .
I ve recently figured out to use some of free features of go daddy . I have built some silly stuff on there . I ve also fiiled out metatags section.

I then discovered analytics to see how many people are searching or logging to those sites. I also registered for adsense . In ten days I ve made 15 dollars but there must be some way of making at least 10 to 50 dollars a day…Any ideas ?

I really need advice on how to make money from those domains . Below are few of them :

There are so many more …

Look forward to replies

Are you using all 100 domains for something? If not, maybe start listing a few of them for sale?

Why not create a few sites with those domains and use them to generate some revenue through advertising or selling an online service/product. You could try free services like shiverlink or link directories to help you increase traffic to your sites

Add some data on 3-4 sites and do proper seo for it. Increase visitor. after increasing visitor for your site you will earn more than $50 per day.

I would start developing content for your key domains and re-direct the others, you’re not going to make much coin parking domains that nobody knows about or has no content value. I’d take the knife to domains you have no intention of developing, saving money means making money.

That’s a pretty hugh statement if you don’t know what domains he is talking about.

you need to start add unique content and start work on SEO

Why don’t you put some content on it and try to sell something?