Making logos available to download

I look after an awards website. Part of that involves people logging in and updating details of products, and being able to download logos for winning etc.

Up until now there have only been three logos - winner, runner up and highly commended. So it was manageable to create a page for each, and add links that appeared depending on whether the product was a winner, runner up or commended using a back end SQL database.

i.e. If Product = winner2014 show link to page with the 2014 Winner logo.

However, they now want to offer logos that include the category name and also the country. Meaning there are now 300+ combinations of logo.

So making them available in the same way seems a lot less practical.

Hopefully that makes sense, and if so wondered if anyone could think of a sensible way to do this?

It may be that the easiest is just to email the appropriate logos to people directly, and forget the idea of making them available when they log in.

That might well be the easiest solution for you, but it won’t necessarily be the best option for the award winners. You can’t always rely on emails getting through to their intended recipients (because of spam filters, etc), and that’s especially true with attachments (some corporate systems restrict the user of attachments). Also, by giving them a link to a download page (as you do now), they can decide for themselves when to get the logo, rather than have it “pushed” to them.

It sounds like you need to dynamically create the download pages. You would need to write a routine in a server-side language (such as PHP) which receives as parameters the award type, the year and the country. The routine would then generate a page that displays the download link for the relevant logo. The routine would execute when the recipient logs on, with the parameters being obtained from your (existing) database.

If you really feel you can’t do that (and can’t hire someone to do it for you), then you might have to resort to the email solution. But it’s not ideal.


I suggest to just create a page in which can just provide the link of the logos url. That’s is also safe and secure from the security point of view. you to just provide the link url of the logos on the server.

The user can easily download the logos through this link.