Making container 100% height ? Please help


I’m making a quick site draft for someone and i’m having a strange issue here - I cant get the container to stay 100%

I thought I have coded it correctly, but clearly i’ve missed something

It stops half way on the services page.

Any ideas as to what I have done wrong?

Site Draft

Any help greatly appreciated

Hi, the problem is that inside #container, the columns are floated. That makes the parent not recognize them, aka it thinks that it’s going to the 100% height!

You need to add overflow:hidden to “#container”.

Other than that, you did everything perfect :).

Ahhh! I see! Something new learned today!

Thanks very much :smiley: :slight_smile:

You’re welcome sir :). And if you ever need to “contain the floats” (as overflow:hidden is doing right now for you), and you need a design element hanging out of the container, look into using the “clearfix”. You can google that if you want, to read up on it, but overflow:hidden is good for 99% of cases.

I just wanted to say this answered the problem I was having of which I had created a thread for about an hour ago.

Thank you SO SO much!