Making button disabled WITHOUT using onClick

Hi all,

I need to do the following:

When a button is clicked, the button then disables (as well as running its normal function).

Obviously I’m used to using this.disabled=true but in this instance I cannot access the onClick in the <input> tag because the page is hard coded by a third party application.

So I’m trying to make a function which locates the button, notices if it’s been clicked and disables it on click. Seems easy to me! However I cannot make it work!

Here are the two variations I’ve tried (both call the function in the page onLoad):

function disableButton() {


function disableButton() {

Any ideas? Because this seems like it should be way easier than I’m finding it right now!

Thanks (:

Unfortunately the site is written in JSP so I cannot provide an HTML example. If you’re familiar with Java and JSP I could C&P some examples of how the buttons are generated??

If your button contains attribute id with value “submit” then your first method will work, otherwise please paste HTML example so I can help you