Making application run over SSL (443)

I have a PHP application on RHEL 7.1 running over port 80 (HTTP) but it doesn’t run over 443(HTTPS). Are there any changes required in the PHP configuration file to make it run from the web browser over 443?

Is this on localhost?

I am accessing the server via an IP address. However, PHP and MySQL are on the same server. Please let me know if it answers your question. Thanks

So it’s on a live server then? There are a lot of free SSL services that should allow you to have SSL for free. First step is, does your web host allow you to use SSL or even have the ability to upload or change certificates, private keys, and bundle certificates?

Yes, it’s live server. The network team says that the certificate is in place (not sure where they have installed, do I need to know about that?). I was wondering if from PHP point of view, there are any changes required or in Apache I need to make any changes to make sure that the application runs over 443(HTTPS)?

Ok. The second question is, does using https:// work? If so, are you asking to enforce it so that users get redirected from http:// to https://? If using https:// leads you to an error, try clearing your cache on your browser. Sometimes, it takes a while for the certificates to take affect. I know mine does when I install it. Close your web browser and re-open it again. Sometimes, it doesn’t take affect unless you refresh the session.

Thanks. Right now I am figuring out with the networking team what’s going on as I am not able to see the working site on 80 or 443. But once I get it working on 80 first, I was wondering if from PHP point of view there are any changes required in any configuration file so that if I type https instead of http it would work?

Did you just purchase your web host? Sometimes it takes up to 12 hours for the server to come up. Onto your question. If you are referring to enforcing https:// then you could do it either using PHP or Apache. But if you are referring to just being able to use https://, then that’s mostly Apache.

Thanks. The host has been there for a long time. It seems like an Apache configuration related issue like configuring HTTPD.conf.

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