Making an image in Photoshop 7 - Basics

Is there anywhere on the net, where I can just find out how to do real basics please ? :slight_smile: I just want to make a rectangle 9cms wide x 4.1 cms high, with a white background, then place a smaller rectangle with a black background in the top half of that rectangle, place some black letters in the white background, then place an image so that it goes half on the white and half on the black. I know it’s an easy thing to do, if you know what you’re doing, but in all the many, many years of website work, I’ve done hardly any image work. :injured:

Any help appreciated.


In Photoshop,

  • Goto file –> New

  • Set the canvas size 9 cm & 4.1 cm … color mode RGB Dpi 200 (if for web set DPI 72)

  • In default the backgeound is white, if not so, press D, Default color will be set
    and then apply color using Ctrl+backspace

  • Press X - to reverse colrs

  • then use the rectangle tool. Use rectangle option to create the rectangle of exact size (width = 4.5 cm, height 4.1)

  • Draw the rectangle

  • To place it at corner - set the Rectangle Top Corner to X=0 & y=0

  • Reverse the color by Pressing X

  • then place the text

Thanks webapprater - it’s appreciated. a couple of things - when you say dpi - it gives a choice of pixels per inch or pixels per cm - which one should it be please ?

Also, when I press X to reverse colours, nothing happens ? ?