Making a Website Mobile - WURFL?

Hey all,
I am new here and also the new Graphics and Web Administrator for a ticketing agency. Yesterday my boss said that he wants to make the site mobile, something that I have zero experience with. I am the only web perswon working here, so I can’t really get any guidance from anyone except for someone who works in Victoria (I’m in Kelowna) and I can skype with, but that is only when he is available, and he has other jobs to do. Design is my forte, and I am not much of a programmer, but i obviously want to learn.

So! I looked into making a site mobile, and found out about WURFL - “a software component which contains the descriptions of thousands of mobile devices.” So it is my understanding that WURFL is the detector of whether or not a user is browsing with a mobile device. I downloaded the PHP WURFL API package and uploaded it and unzipped it in the root directory of the website. I was following these steps: and only got to Initialization when I came across a problem. When I go to the http://localhost/wurfl-php-api/examples/demo/ link this is the message that comes up in the browser:

atal error: Uncaught exception ‘WURFL_WURFLException’ with message ‘The ZipArchive extension is not loaded. Load the extension or use the flat wurfl.xml file’ in /home/selectyo/public_html/wurfl-php-api/WURFL/Xml/Utils.php:49 Stack trace: #0 /home/selectyo/public_html/wurfl-php-api/WURFL/Xml/Utils.php(36): WURFL_Xml_Utils::getZippedFile(‘/home/selectyo/…’) #1 /home/selectyo/public_html/wurfl-php-api/WURFL/Xml/AbstractIterator.php(47): WURFL_Xml_Utils::getXMLFile(‘/home/selectyo/…’) #2 /home/selectyo/public_html/wurfl-php-api/WURFL/DeviceRepositoryBuilder.php(82): WURFL_Xml_AbstractIterator->__construct(‘/home/selectyo/…’) #3 /home/selectyo/public_html/wurfl-php-api/WURFL/WURFLManagerFactory.php(164): WURFL_DeviceRepositoryBuilder->build(‘/home/selectyo/…’, Array) #4 /home/selectyo/public_html/wurfl-php-api/WURFL/WURFLManagerFactory.php(127): WURFL_WURFLManagerFactory->deviceRepository(Object(WURFL_Storage_File), Object(WURFL_UserAgentHandlerChain)) #5 /home/selectyo/public_html/wurfl-php-api/WURFL/WURFLManagerFac in /home/selectyo/public_html/wurfl-php-api/WURFL/Xml/Utils.php on line 49

Could it be that i wasn’t using localhost/ to test but the actual website? ( I don’t know what this error message is trying to say, what does ‘The ZipArchive extension is not loaded. Load the extension or use the flat wurfl.xml file’ mean??

ANY help would be greatly appreciated, with this particular question, or with making a site mobile in general. Thanks so much.


Hey Amber,

Making your site “mobile” can be a really easy thing. Please search for “Adaptive Web Design” or “Responsive Web Design” and you’ll get some ideas on how to make this happen.

There’s a really good tutorial on about Adaptive Web Design that will get you up and running quickly.

Good luck

Do you know what version of PHP you’re using? That might be the problem:

Make sure you have the zipArchive class loaded. It is installed by default on PHP 5 >= 5.2.0

You might find this useful, as well: WURFL and PHP


No I don’t know what version of PHP I’m using… how can I tell?

Try this:

I had the same zipArchive error that you did, and I was running PHP 5.3.2 locally using MAMP. I upgraded MAMP from version 1.9 to 2.0.2 and that solved it for me. So for your server, you may have to enable the zipArchive class. I’m a print designer trying to learn this stuff too, so that’s about all I have to offer.

Good luck.