Making a Script full width in Elementor (Wordpress)

I have the script from Surveymonkey to insert the form in Wordpress but the form appeas in a small window and not all the block width.
This is the script i inserted with Elementor:

(function(t,e,s,n){var o,a,c;t.SMCX=t.SMCX||[],e.getElementById(n)||(o=e.getElementsByTagName(s),a=o[o.length-1],c=e.createElement(s),c.type="text/javascript",c.async=!0,,c.src="",a.parentNode.insertBefore(c,a))})(window,document,"script","smcx-sdk");


I don’t do wordpress so can’t help with any aspect of wordpress but if you post a link to the page I’ll see if there’s anything CSS can do to help with the issue.

I’m guessing the form code is embedded in an iframe and that means your options may be limited as you will have trouble in making an iframe responsive as that means the height would need to change also to fit the content length. You can probably change the iframe width to 100% but you will still have the form in a scroll box.

If your form is not in an iframe then it should be possible to adjust as required using the relevant CSS.

This is the link:
Also how do I change the iframe width?

I’m assuming you know how to add custom css to WordPress (you can look that up for yourself ;)) and you can try adding this code to your custom css file.

.smcx-embed>.smcx-iframe-container {

Clear your cache and see if that code makes a difference for you.

This is what it looks like when I inject the code directly into your page.

However, I know updating css on wordpress can be awkward as we gets lots of people on here struggling to do just that.

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Thank you very much, you saved my life since I don’t know much of CSS.
This is exactly what i wanted. :star_struck:

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