Making a grid with Photoshop

Hi, I’m looking forward making a grid over a blue square.

Is there a way to do it neat with Photoshop?
This is to have an idea what I’m looking for:

That grid is located at the top banner where the navigation menu is.


Make a pattern, there are a few tutorials out there

You only need a graphic like the one attached to this post. Use it as a pattern and viola, you gotta it! Any doubt just post it here :smiley:

Amazing what a google search for “Photoshop Grid Tutorial” will turn up these days :smiley:


you could also just apply the grid to the canvas… screendump, then paste … :stuck_out_tongue:

real easy, start a new document with the size you need the cells of the grid to be and then, with the pencil tool, draw two lines on two adiacent sides of the document. Sav it as a pattern, then use the paintbucket to “pour” it in. Play with the opacity and masks to get th desired effect.

Yes, it even turns up this thread as I found and I ended up here so had to post :lol: