Make website http to https

I am having website. i want to make it with this website with https
this website is on wordpress. anyone suggest process to make website http to https

Hi @dheerajverma321 and a warm welcome to the forums.

I have used the Free LetsEncrypt service for a couple of years and they are well worth trying.

Changing from HTTP to HTTPS is very simple.

If you are using WordPress, just install the Really Simple SSL plugin to enable HTTPS. Before doing this check your web hosting providers page for free SSL feature.

If they are providing for your pack, ask your web hosting support team. They will do everything for you at free of cost. If you are using, Cloudflare CDN, you can enable HTTPS.

Wait, what? All hosting providers will help you with SSL free of cost? I don’t think so…

Most will, they will just make you jump through hoops/

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