Make Two DIVs Have Same Height

I have two divs sitting side by side. One of the divs contains an image and the other will contain text. I would like the height of the two divs to be equal whether the user enters text into one of the divs or not.

I am trying to use javascritp to force the two divs to have equal height but it’s not working. Please see my code pen

You don’t need js for this as you can use flexbox for modern browsers or display:cell if you need older browser support

I suggest using flexbox and ditch your js :slight_smile:

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Hi PaulOB, will my image height increase or decrease when the browser size changes using flexbox? I was trying to use javascript to set the height of the image wrapper dynamically to give it a value which will then affect the height of the image.

Here’s an old codepen of mine from a similar question in the forums.

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