Make PHP variable bold

Seems like this should be simple but I can’t find an example by searching.

I am displaying this php variable

echo $searchrow['FullSiteName'];

What syntax do I use to make it bold? I though this would work but does not. How come?

echo "<b>$searchrow['FullSiteName']</b>";


Try this:

echo "<b>".$searchrow['FullSiteName']."</b>";  


print '<b>' . $searchrow['FullSiteName']. '</b>';

Worked great. What do the “.” do?

“.” = concatenate


In formal language theory (and therefore in programming languages), concatenation is the operation of joining two character strings end to end. For example, the strings “foo” and “bar” may be concatenated to give “foobar”. In programming languages, string concatenation is usually accomplished by putting a concatenation operator between two strings (operands). The following statement assumes the language uses the “+” symbol as its concatenation operator: print "Hello " + “World”;