Make money at home?

there are many people do work at home now,and lots people like this working method. they would have a free time to arrange by themselves.
i am try to do,but i do not know what should i do if i choose to work at you like it? and do you have any suggestions of do jobs at home?


If you’re taking about those sites that say you could make millions by stuffing envelopes or doing surveys, I feel like you’d be disappointed.

But you certainly could make a living as a freelancer or self-employed designer. You could mostly be at home, sometimes.

Here’s some more people that work from home:

There are lot of ways to make money in online at home. I am working with seo in odesk so you can also join

For anyone looking to work from home, I would suggest starting out trying websites like (paid survey’s) first…it’s a quick and easy way to make some money by signing up at the chosen survey site. All you have to do is answer a series of questions by clicking on a check box (yes) or (No)…each survey lasts about 5minutes …
and each one you complete rewards you in the amount of 50cents to $1.00 or $2.50 or sometime $5.00…it just all depends on how much that particular survey is paying…there are several free survey site out there. But the free ones only allow you to take about two or three survey’s a day…Now, there are some paid survey sites that you can pay for at a one time fee of about $30 and they allow you to take as many survey’s as you want to and also they pay more money upwards to $10 $25 $50 each survey…but the survey’s are a bit longer and can sometimes take about 30minutes to take…but all in all, these are very good investments considering that you can more than triple your money for only paying $30 one time! Actually I started out doing this until I advanced into internet marketing were I’m making thousands each month. But for starters I would try these survey’s If you just want to make a full time income for just working a few hours a day…<snip>

You can join odesk, Freelancer …Here you can apply for jo. first you have fix up what do you want to do…then try

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