Make files invisible on harddrive


Is there a way to hide files from from a harddrive? I’m not talking about encryption or other obscuring device. Just make files invisible to the eye, when you open a folder for example.

Thanks in advance.

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To make your file invisible open that file , click on the tools button placed on the top of ur file , then click on the view option , then click on the folder option. there u will find an option to hide ur folder. mark on the radio button . …nw that file is hidden . nd to make it visible again follow the same process and mark the another radio button …

Well for Windows machines or others that use NTFS you can always try alternate data streams, That’s an old trick. There are other ways . . .

Thanks for your reply.

Is there a more “robust” approach? In the case of a usb key, if someone plugs the key in a computer with different settings than mine, the hidden files may very well be visible.


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Make them hidden: