Make Dropdown menu horizontal menu

Hello there,

I am trying to get the menu right above the images to the right to not be a dropdown menu. The template I am using doesn’t allow for me to change it. How might I go about doing this?


Do you mean the “Categories” one? What do you want it to be? Just a link to something?

Hey Ralph,

Yes I mean the categories dropdown. basically I want the categories to show up in a horizontal menu, not a dropdown. basically a menu like I have for my man navigation menu. I will style it different, but how to get it horizontal links I dont’ know where to start.


Forunately, it’s just a standard UL, styled to look as it currently does. You’'d need to go in a rewirite the CSS rules for, which shouldn’t be hard. It would start with removing styles like

ul {
float: none !important;

You could also get rid of the <a> for the categories link before the menu:

<a href="#" class="pfilter">Categories <span>&nbsp;</span></a>

I think it’s all controlled by JS anyway, I believe.

Perhaps create a test page and messa round with this a bit. It’s hard to do remotely, without access to the files.