Make Background Color Full-Height

I’m embarrassed to ask this question - because I thought I knew what to do - but I’m stuck?! :blush:

Here is my code…

	<div class="post">
		<div class="commenter">
			<a href="<?php //echo BASE_URL ?>profile.php">DoubleDee</a>

		<div class="comment2">
			<p class="commentDate">8:38pm on July 10, 2011</p>
			<p>You think HOAs are bad? Wait until you get involved with a "special taxation district." In Florida, such an entity is supposed to operate under government rules (the Sunshine Law for example.) But they routinely run the show as if it were their private fiefdom, then whine and complain when someone tries to object.</p>

Here are my styles…

	clear: both;
	background-color: #FFC;

	float: left;
	width: 115px;
	background-color: #FCC;

	float: left;
	max-width: 525px;
	background-color: #CFC;

I want the buff background in .post to extend the entire vertical height of the Post…

Why isn’t my Clear: Both working?


Clear:both isn’t used here.

It’s overflow:hidden. Clear both is only used in this situation if you use it on the last element in the parent.