Major formatting issue in IE IMPORTANT

Hey everyone,

I REALLY need some help finding out why this website looks very wrong in IE. In firefox its perfect i don’t understand whats wrong in IE though.

This is the link:

Can anyone please help?

Thanks again

Hi, without doing any testing it’s because of this

<meta name="Description" content="Lou Molloy, celebrity tattooist and Art Throb Apparel have joined forces to create a new men's range of t-shirts, buy online here." />
<meta name="keywords" content="lou molloy,lou molloy t-shirts,art throb apparel,art throb apparel t-shirts,lou molloy range of clothing,lou molloy men's range,men's range,men's t-shirts,men's tees,t-shirts,designer t-shirts,lou molloy t-shirts,tattoo,tattoos,tattooist,t-shirts,tattoo design t-shirts,tattoo t-shirts,celebrity gallery,celebrity tattooist,tattooed,david beckham,ricky hatton,victoria beckham,kate moss" />

<title>Lou Molloy T-shirts - Homepage - men's range - tattoo design t-shirts</title>

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">


You have stuff above hte doctype thus IE is in quirks mode.

Remove the stuff above hte doctype

Thank you soo much Ryan,

another quick one, on this page:

Any ideas why the “Tees” heading is not showing fully in IE7?

Try setting the line-height of that element to e.g. 1.5 and see if that works.

perfect thanks…

client wasn’t too happy you see :slight_smile:

thanks again

You’re welcome :). Sorry for not responding to your other question, pumpin some iron ;).

I’d imagine they weren’t too happy, especially if that’s the only browser they have :lol: