Major Differences Between A Blog and an Article?

What do you think are the major differences between a blog and an article? and why do we make such differences in life?

You really mean the difference between a ‘blog post’ and an article. Well, with the advent of the web, people have established personal sites where they post anything from genuine articles to reports on how well their dinner is digesting—all of which has come to be known collectively as a ‘web log’, or ‘blog’ for short. So you could argue that articles are a subset of blog posts. Some blog posts are articles, others are … well, rap with a capital C… and the rest are somewhere in between. :slight_smile:

The only difference is that a blog post is an article with a timestamp attached whereas an article may or may not have a timestamp to tell you when it was posted (once you ignore the garbage that might be masquerading as a blog post or article but which is in fact neither).

blogs have more leeway and may be of any length from 2-3 lines to video clips while articles are normally of more than 250 words and aim at being informative and content rich.

I would say it comes down to the culture and tone of the site/page.

An article is generally written from a factual point of view, whereas a blog post is generally written from a personal point of view, or in a less formal style.

Compare the following pages from the BBC news website, both about the recent rise in VAT (sales tax).
The article plays it straight down the line, giving the straight facts. The [url=]blog post has a conversational tone, and talks directly to the reader (it uses the word ‘you’ nine times, compared with none in the article).

Because of the cultural difference between articles and blogs, people have an expectation that they can comment on blogs, which is far less strong on articles.

Wow…what an analogy…hand full of claps for you sir…:slight_smile:

one query related to topic plz help me out on it …comments on blogs are hw much effective for seo work???

Depends. If you are planning for a dofollow blog then getting a lot of comments might be a good idea to obtain a “link”. On the other hand you will get a lot of comments from spammers too which is just annoying sometimes.

A simple difference between Article and blog is…

A news article is a report on an event and a blog is written by someone who reports the news on the internet.

That’s kinda a little far off syed2011. I believe we are not just talking here about news articles. Your definition of a blog was kinda confusing too.

That analogy is erroneous and makes no sense whatsoever. The TV networks and newspapers have both blogs and articles that report the news on the Internet and elsewhere.

A blog is a blend of the phrase “web log”.

Blogs are written for all kinds of reasons – personal and professional. It can be anything from a news journal to a personal diary. It may be a graphic/photo diary or a short commentary (micro-blogs).

The main thing about blogs is that since their beginning, they have supported interactivity with their visitors.

Glad you mentioned this one out. That is why “comments” always comes to mind when talking about blog posts.

Even early blogs that were created as static web pages did this by encouraging readers to email their feedback to the author.

For example the blog at hasn’t changed its format for at least 12 years and so doesn’t have many of the fancier interactive aspects of more recent blogs. I am not sure exactly how old that particular blog is but I first saw it about 12 years ago and it had been running for quite a long time prior to that. I do remember reading on that blog about what happened with the fourth plane that was hijacked on 9/11 several days before any news coverage elsewhere gave the same explanation.

Pretty good example you got there Stephen and that blog looks really pretty old. The page view looks like from 1999.

well for me a blog is just a simple write ups, it doesn’t needed to be necessarily a “fact” compare to an article, it needs to be concise and true.

Good writing is always concise and fact-checked.

I do agree wid U, every writing has some reasons at the back end…:slight_smile:

And perhaps that’s another big development of blogs…the ease of online publishing has made it possible to work as a one man operation. Where the costs of paper publishing meant that newspapers were necessarily a regulated operation with multiple people working together and editing for quality, blogs mean that an increasing number of publishers work without editorial supervision.

Of course, there’s no reason why blogs need necessarily be poorly written, researched, or supported, but I think there is an image, in more academic or old-fashioned circles, of blogs as single soap-boxers and paparazzi rather than trustworthy journalistic enterprises.

well if you want the difference then the blogspot mostly use for back linking but in article that thing dont happen agreed?

For me blog has a more personal approach where article in general is more professional.

If you are correctly doing back linking, then blogs don’t help any more than articles do. Even if you are commenting on blogs just for the sake of back links, you’ll find that many blogs won’t publish those comments and many blogs are no-follow anyway.