Maintaining the New Visitors

Hi to everyone:) In the past few days, my page visits significantly increased. I’m afraid that sooner or later, it will start to go back to its original page visits per day. Is there any way that I can maintain my new visitors and convert them into regular visitors. Thanks!:smiley:

Thanks Stevie D and tosta! I will follow all your advice!

Provide subscription options, so you can contact them if new content is published (if they like your site, they probably subscribe). Offer something useful, build search traffic, most reliable and long run effective.

Add share options on your site etc. Make it open!

You need to give them a reason to keep coming back. High quality content, well presented and easy to read. Fresh updates every day, every few days, whatever is realistic given your budget and topic.

In general what Stevie says is the best way, work with content. But if you describe more about traffic sources whether its directly or from SE or from referral , bounce rate then we can discuss widely

Content is the key here, keep adding new and unique content and all will be well.

Engaging with the visitor is a complex subject, it often requires us to think outside the box and trial new innovations. Capturing the imagination of an unknown person is not easy, good luck.

Visitors are always eager to get unknown information so have fresh and unique content in your site which in turn will help to grab their attention though not an easy
task but can be beneficial to generate traffic