Maintaining a Website

Much of what I do nowadays is ask people how they currently maintain their sites. To my amazements at the most times I provide a much better service to my competitors, in particular with support. I might not be the cheapest, but I am cheap enough for them to afford me.

I recently visited an accountantancy firm, and to my amazement they maintain their site much differently. It appears their site is automatically updated their content by another accountancy department in the web design firm which updates their site for them. In particular any news, announcents that the UK government release in terms of acountancy will be updated by this firm.

I’ve never heard of such a service. Most small company do not want this kind of service, however, the bigger firms would opt of this option. The question is how would I go about providing my clients with such a service and what is this service called. Bigger clients would always prefer this approach, as in many respects money is no object but time is.

Has anybody had any experience with this?

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