Main Stats Area

So for some really strange reason, I logged into my WP account that should hold all the blogs with all their individual stats & most of my blogs are gone. :frowning:

I told the guy I just hired to add them back in & now he’s asking me for FTP access & WP login access for all the blogs & there are tons.

I would do it myself, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to add a blog. I saw one area, but it looked like you could only add a blog that is hosted on WP’s server. Mine are all on my server.

Anyway, why does he need FTP access?
Does he need login access for ALL the blogs?
Can someone give me instructions on how to do this.

They even changed the interface since the last time I’ve been there, so I’m finding it difficult to even find the stats for the blogs that are in there.

Thanks a ton.


This may help: WordPress › Stats « WordPress Plugins

Basically each blog needs the stats plug in, and use the same api key

Ok, what’s that plugin called?

See, right here it says…

"Can I use the same API key on multiple blogs?

You’re welcome to use the same API key on multiple blogs. If you view your stats directly on, you can easily switch between all of your blogs’ stats reports."