Main resons why people fail to make money online

There are so many reasons why people are not making money online even though some of them have been online for a while. Some are the most common reasons.

  1. Keep reading ebooks and keep discovering something without focusing on specific thing.
  2. Registering a lot of domains and later on abandoned them because he have no time and/or discovered another domain.
  3. Wanted an overnight success.
  4. No perseverance and lack of focus…
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Too much procrastination and lack of focus, and real desire.

yes, making money online is not an over night thing! One has to be patient and persistent.

Well I would mind so much about them … more space for me or other that really want to succeed.

Well many people are still not aware, where to make money online and how to get that in hand.

internet is a vast field, and most people get lost.

best approach is going slow at the beginning, learning from others who already got some success.

Better yet - they don’t know about content, and its the main way to make money - unless you’re doing PPC advertising.

Making money is the most difficult thing online and many people pack up their online business before they learn how to make money

For me, i think the most important reason is to work constant. Not to work like hell one day, and after that sit back an relax for 3 days, WORK constantly.

Most people think that making money online is easy and effortless. Probably because many of the books you read on the Internet don’t say that you have to be constant. I think that another reason is that in most cases do not focus their efforts on one specific thing and disperse their time, effort and money.

Yes no perseverance and lack of focus is most common mistake. I also write an article about this one

yeah, since so many opportunity, make me confuse
what point do i need to focus on.

Still struggle, trial and error :slight_smile:

Making money online is not really something that is easy. You have to know what you are doing, you have have to be patient, and you have to be committed. One of the thing which makes it very hard to succeed is Search Engine Optimization because without it you won’t go far with your money making plan.

When it comes down to Seo there is no magic button, you have to be willing to spend time if you really want to succeed with your campaign.

You need to be a voracious reader,keep researching and experimenting latest marketing strategy,be extremely focused as most probably you are working in the comfort of your home with lots of distraction and temptations and thirdly you need to be patient.

I think another problem is people try to do everything them selves and it takes them longer so they might lose interest. I’m not saying you shouldn’t know how to do things with your site but start thinking about out sourcing some of the article writing work. There is no point in wasting time on something that you could get done for a couple of dollars.

Not tracking successes/failures. This is akin to trying to find a needle in a haystack. With your hands tied behind your back. In the dark. On Jupiter.

If it was so easy everyone would start working from home,the internet has provided us with a massive new market place to sell products/services infact anything,the hardest part is finding that magic ingrediant or combination that makes your site stand out from the crowd if you can you will make some serious amount of money.

Alot of people think its easy but as most people are aware that is not the case and give up after a short time duration,if you keep going and try new layouts or ideas it will start to come good,its very rare that we see success stories like Google and Facebook etc but the ideas that they came up with had been pioneering and they stuck at it till it came to bear fruit.

I have many sites across a very wide spectrum most earn revenue albeit a small amount but 3 or 4 are really starting to grow and earn some very nice revenue but its been hard and sometimes sole destroying but well worth it.

When I first begin on my own a person told me: “people thing of every aspect of a business but no ideas how to make money out of it!”

You’re missing a few:
5. Have nothing real to offer and can therefore never climb out of the pit of meaningless SEO garbage farming.
6. Have no actual plans or business sense other than “Hey, the internet makes money, I’ll go get on that”

  1. People who has read an ebook about online marketing that day and wanted to make ebooks themselves the next day.