Main page wrapper not expanding with jquery expanding box

Hi all,

I have added a twitter widget to my site which expands when tweets are loaded, problem is the twitter box expands over my footer instead of the main content container expanding aswell to accommodate twitter, funny thing is this actually works in ie6 but not in any of the other browsers, any suggestions were im going wrong?

Many thanks in advance


Hi, are you sure you have given the correct link? There is no twitter/tweet box and nothihng is expanding over the footer.

However, I shall make an educated guess :). I’m guessing that the twitter boxs and/or the parent is floated? Make the parent of hte floated element have overflow:hidden (IE6 is probably working because it has haslayout (a width/height/something) :slight_smile:

sorry ryan, you should be able to see twitter now, i uploaded the wrong page :stuck_out_tongue:

il have a go with adding overflow hidden now though


My guessing prowess wasn’t at top notch today :frowning: sorry.

You have to remoev teh height set on this element “.col_300px”

damn i forgot i had set the heights when i was trying to get my layout set out!!! thanks for that ryan! 2nd time lucky wasnt bad though! cheers

Glad it helped :). You’re welcome.