MailChimp stretching images to 100% problem

MailChimp has recently started to set max-width:100% to all my RSS driven email campaigns. While this may look nice on mobile, it totally distorts the email content on desktop.

The only way I can find a fix for this is to set my own images max-width:200px; in the MailChimp Design Editor, but this is a problem for certain images as they’re too big or too small.

Is there any other workaround around this? Thanks!

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We will need to see your code before hazarding guesses.

Sure. This is the code on the website:

<img class="alignleft wp-image-3931" src="http://www.***.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/MihoAida0011-300x266.jpg" alt="Miho Aida" max-width="200" max-height="177">

And this is the changed code in newsletter email (MailChimp, generated through RSS):

<img tabindex="0" class="CToWUd a6T" style="max-width:100%;width:100%;padding-bottom:0;display:inline;vertical-align:bottom;border:0;min-height:auto;outline:none;text-decoration:none" src="***.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/MihoAida0011-300x266.jpg" alt="Miho Aida" border="0">

As you can see the problem is in the extra max-width:100% code.

And thanks for any kind of suggestions!


When you say this:


You are basically saying:


Nothing else.

The max-width is redundant and has no effect and therefore your issue must be with the width:100% which will stretch all images to fill the container which is unlikely to be what you want. The max-width:100% on the other hand will only come into play when the images natural width is greater than the space available and then it will scale it smaller.

I can’t of course account for the way that email clients will handle specific code but it seems to be you need to remove the width:100% but leave in place the max-width:100%.

In your emails you could also add in:
style=“white-space: pre-wrap;” to

That should stop the code blocks stretching out the width of the email.

I’m no good at PHP but it looks pretty simple to add this in.

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Thanks for the reply guys! I managed to get this fixed by using Align RSS Images Wordpress plugin and finding the option in MailChimp that disables this 100% auto-stretch.

Glad you sorted it :slight_smile:

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