Mail verification

Hi i got one another problem, that is related to emails, Some of my user complaints that they didnt recieve the email that our software send, so i need some thing which should either help in checking whether emails are correct before sending, or which whould help me in getting know that email has been read by the user or not , or send me back an failure delivery message if a email is failed to deliever.

Please help me :frowning:

Use PHP SMTP mail service instead of mail() :wink: For verification you can use POP3/ IMAP and Regular expression


Yes i m using the mail function buddy

You can start by sending a blind copy of each generated email to an address you setup. Then, when someone says they didn’t get it, you can at least determine if the message was generated and where it was sent to.

Does the From domain in your email match the actual web server domain? Many spam filters will block emails if it appears that a third party is doing the sending.

there really is no way to confirm delivery… it can be numerous of reason why the person didn’t get the email. It could be there Spam software, it could be their outlook, it could be their server, if they’re using comcast… Comcast spam filtering system could be blocking it can mean many reason. There is a script that can verify if an email exist by sending a packet and waiting for a bounce back or a code but thats about it.

side note… looking at your time stamps… are you sitting there clicking the refresh button? this isn’t some live support forum.

How you prepare, verify and track emails depends on how you send them in the first place.

Are you using php mail() or some other mail application to send the emails?

yes i m using the php mail function.

yup that i knew

Hey if you know how to do that please let me know also , i m stucked up this …

Hi r u there please help me out i m stucked up with this, if you know how to implement this please …


How to prepare all that can u please guide me ?

Not exactly sure myself, I just know that the mail() function doesn’t provide the information you seek. I can only speculate on convoluted ways to do it such as; set-up a cron to connect to your Inbox within x number of minutes (leave time for delivery) and parse it for mail failure notices. Hopefully though there is a better way than that…

The mail function itself doesn’t confirm successful delivery just that the mail was confirmed successful for delivery. To confirm a successful delivery actually occurred another venue will be required.