Mail list for sell...but where?

hlo guyss, i have a mail list of +40,000 subs,i use them for promoting my site but want to sell them but there is one prob i made this list from my mailchimp acnt but now the acnt is no more available so is there any mthod or idea to sell it at good cost…so plis help me to sell…:wink:

Give ad and advertise fb, tweet, blog, forum for it. So many accounts are there. So think you would be get a lot of money. :eek:

Hmmmmmmm! I wonder why! Perhaps because this is very dodgy behavior, basically illegal.

Thread closed.

As you know, your contact list is your best asset… but YOU’re allowed to receive mails from you… have they ever agreed with your terms? were they before signing up that you could sell that list to third parties?

Because if the answer is no then: a) those who buy the list from you will be spamming, thinking that they’re not b) you’d be doing something illegal.

Abuse your list, treat it the wrong way and your best asset’s value will be… zero!

I’d think it twice before doing what you pretend to do.