Magpie RSS Suddenly Not Working

I’ve been using MagpieRSS to display posts in one of my vBulletin forums (which are added to a RSS file) for about 6 months now. The weird thing is, just three or four days ago, things suddenly stopped working. Here’s the code I’m using to display posts using the RSS file:


require_once 'news/magpierss/'; 
$rss = fetch_rss("");

if ($rss and !$rss->ERROR)
    foreach ($rss->items as $item ) {
		echo '<table width="92%" border="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td class="color" colspan="2">';
        echo '<b><a href="' . $item[link] . '">' . $item[title] . ' </a></b>';
		echo '</td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" bgcolor="#000000">';
        echo '<span class="news">' . $item['pubdate'] . '</span></td></tr>';
		echo '<tr><td colspan="2" class="scolor"><div align="justify">';
        echo $item['content']['encoded'];
		echo '</div></td></tr></table></p><p>';
    echo 'RSS Error: ' . $rss->ERROR . ' <br / ><br />' ;

The problem seems to be on this line:

$rss = fetch_rss(“”);

Instead of displaying posts as usual, this bit of code stops the entire page from loading after that point. No error messages are returned – seems like an infinite loop of some sort. It appears that there is nothing wrong with fetch_rss(), since when I used an RSS file from CNN, it worked fine. The problems seems to occur with this RSS file:

I don’t recall changing anything or messing with any configurations, and as of now, that RSS file looks fine. I may very well be wrong – I’m both a PHP and RSS newbie. I don’t know what got screwed up – after five hours of fiddling around, I still can’t fix this.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

didn’t you missed a closing bracket?
and use error reporting functions
on the top of the php file

my stopped working just the same a few days ago.

cant undestand what happend