Magneto? Wix? Knowledge desperately needed

Hello Everyone

Ok i ve just joined this forum as i like others that are prob in this very section am looking for some advice with regards to starting a web business.

The idea is straight forward but im struggling to find what im looking for , ive been told to check out Magneto but gezzz that is so confusing unless its me .

What i want to acheive is a Website which works with the same principal as facebook whereby a member of the site can have a profile and post items up that they are selling enabeling users of the site to scroll down the page the same as FB reading different statuses left by members and photos etc

Also a mesaging system incorperated for users and members …

The items that are being sold on the site are somewhat unique as they may not be to everyones liking however there is a growing trend hehhe

The site is aimed at the fetish Scene and has a XXX Adult theme obviously …
I have seen similar work which is already out there but appears to be just selling used undies ( Laughable i know but its Business) <snip> for example has a very similar system to what im looking to acheive in terms of layout and the way people post up there items etc …Unfortunately im going around in circles trying to figure out where to begin …and just to get the ball rolling .

I found Magneto quite complex in terms of knowing where to start as it was not simple enough for me …so please thoughts?
Thankyou very much if you have read this far i appreciate your time …

Hi snakey127. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

There are two ways to approach this. At the moment, it sounds like what you need to do is to hire a web developer company to build you a site. Otherwise, it’s a bit like anything else. “Guys, I’d love a new car, but have no idea where to start building one …” Umm, you know the answer to that. :shifty:

On the other hand, if you really are keen to do this yourself (be it out of interest or to save money) you need to start from the beginning. Do you have any web design experience at all?

Hi and thankyou kindly for your reply , ok i wouldnt say that im the most experienced in this field No but i have some experience as ive assisted in which was a business i started last year . However it was more the design element as opposed to the building of the site .
This is not really something i want to plough a load of money into in the beggining , i was hoping that i could find something already in the marketplace that could facilitate what im looking for , and in the scenario that it goes well then i would look into a overhall etc

I have the money although i was hoping i could acheive this myself , plus if i were going down the avenue of a pre designed site , i thought i could at least start with that and any additional help i may need i could call for it when that arose …

I just think it’s going to be difficult to find anything that does what you want out of the box, so to speak. I don’t see a shopping cart like Magento as doing the sorts of things you are after, but I could be wrong. The key will be in the add-ons that are available for each system. So you could do searches for add-ons for the various systems/CMSes out there. I would probably look at a CMS with various add-ons (like carts, uploading, messaging etc.) rather than a cart with the sort of add-ons you want. Drupal maybe?

What about if i were to simplify the Site in the beggining and perhaps scale back on the whole FB style and say i just want everything else including a designated area to post your goods for example ? surely thats acheiveable without use of a Pro ? If yes any reccomendations …thanks again

Again, it will come down to what add-ons are available, and it will take some leg work to find the right tool. I would suggest looking ahead, though, and not choose something that won’t serve your need down the line.

Any system that allows any old joker to upload stuff to your site is a big thing to take on. It will be a full time job moderating all the garbage that gets loaded onto your site.

ok thats a fair point and thankyou very much for your input and your time . i guess from here the mission continues …thanks anyways and i hope you dont mind if i come back with something else when i begin to make progress …

Of course not. Please do! :slight_smile:

You may get other replies, too, from people who know more about this. Anyhow, best of luck!