Magento question: product attributes

I am new to Magento and have to setup a series of lightbulbs in a shopping cart with different attributes.

I setup a rough HTML mockup of two products:

you will see that lightbulb #1 has three wattage options, while lightbulb #2 only has one wattage option. What is the best way to setup the attributes? I tried adding a drop down menu and adding the options, but when adding the product it only lets me select one option

ok I got this figured out but I have a new issue:

i added a few product attributes, then try to add a new product and I dont see my attributes when adding a new product. however when adding a new product and i select the add attribute button at the top and add an attribute, it works. Why is it that I can add attributes in the attribute section and it dosent show up when adding a product, yet if I try and add an attribute when editing or adding a product, it is fine. when i compare the attributes in the attributes section, they all appear to have the same settings… its weird

This might sound like a silly question …

But you’re paying a lot of money for
Magento, so why don’t they support you
on these questions so you can get up and
running and continue to pay them???

It’s really hard to figure out your question
but if a person were looking in your account,
Im sure it would be really easy.

Its free/open source, and has a ton of features built into it automatically and is very easy to customize and design. :slight_smile:

And I asked here because their forums were down at the time and SitePoint is my first stop for a lot of things.

doh … my bad!

I mixed up the 2 carts in my head.

You clearly said Magento but in my head
I was thinking Volusion …now you know why
my wife looks at me with her head tilted to
the side so often.

Brain going in one direction …mouth in the

As far I see they are back on-line.

What you have to do is add the attributes to the attributes set

create a attributes and add the attributes into the attributes set