Magento: JavaScript conflict in IE configurable products

Anyone a wiz with Magento / JavaScript?

I’ve seen other people with this problem, but no many answers.

I have a parent configurable product with 1 children (with different colours).

FF, Saf, Ch & Op re all OK, but a JavaScript conflict means IE won’t show the dropdown to choose the colours. I’ve tried to disable other JS files to no avail.

IE’s error console says:
Message: Expected ‘;’
Line: 560
Char: 70
Code: 0
URI: /js/varien/product.js

which is:

which is the ‘a’ in after (below)

Product.OptionsPrice = Class.create();
Product.OptionsPrice.prototype = {
initialize: function(config) {

this.skipCalculate = config.skipCalculate;//@deprecated after


Turns out the conflict was caused by the swfobject.js file in Video LightBox.