Magento help


I have created a magento site that sells shoes, my problem is for the same pair of shoes I have different colours and different sizes.
Is there a module that allows me to set these options so that a customer can select these variable aspects when adding to a basket,
rather than listing out the same shoes in different sizes and colours many times as separate items ?

Any help would be appreciated.


Magento has by default been providing 6 types of Products, for all sorts of uses:-

  1. Simple
  2. Configurable
  3. Grouped
  4. Bundle
  5. Downloadable
  6. Virtual

More detailed info can be found here.

Now, back to your question:-
First & foremost, you need to create all your required attributes (like “Color” & “Size”) from the “Manage Attributes” section, if they are not already present, and then you need to assign those newly created attributes to the working groups of products from the “Manage Attribute Sets”.

What you need to do, is to think of each of your products in a single entity way - a pair of shoe with a specific size (say size - 8) & a specific color (say color - dark blue) may be a simple product. Then another shoe of that same specific size (size - 8) but with different color (say color - maroon) may be another simple product. In this way, think of as many simple products as possible & create all of those simple products.

Now start creating a new Configurable product, and come to the “Associative Options” tab. There if you provide a search filter for the specific attributes, then all your earlier created simple products will show up in the search results (like having two rows - 1st row [size - 8, color - dark blue], 2nd row [size - 8, color - maroon], …). Now select all these rows & save this configurable product, and Voila… you are done.

Now go to the front-end of your site, and try viewing this configurable product’s details page, and you should be able to see dropdowns / check boxes / radio buttons for each of the associated attributes (like color, size, …), from which the user can choose his / her requirements.

Hope this info helps.