Magento & Google Checkout Sandbox Mode

I’ve just integrated Google Checkout with my Magento store and ran a test transaction in Sandbox mode. The transaction seemed to go through (got the emails from google etc).

However, a new order didn’t get created within Magento. Is this normal when running in Sandbox mode?

I’ve asked on the Magento forums but I never get a reply there.


hey there!
I just wanted to let you know that magento doesn’t work well with google checkout. there is a known bug causing its incompatibility so the help page suggested by the person above is of no help. try searching around the magento forums to get to know more about the issue.

i’m trying to search the internet in hopes that someone has figured out how to fix the problem.

The url is

I’m using flat rates which have simplified the process I guess.

I’ve got Google Checkout up and running with Magento now. The issue I had was an error on my part. I had added the Callback API to the google live checkout but forgot to add it to google sandbox.

I took my first transaction using it yesterday and it seems to be working well.

Nice looking site, real clean and easy on the eyes. Your items are small so I can see why you offer free/flat shipping. Since our items are large/bulky, we have to stick with carrier calculated rates. We have a developer working on trying to find a fix for Google Checkout, we haven’t given up just yet!

I’m really interested in knowing how you got your product images cleanly indexed in high resolution on Google Images? This is what I’m referring to:

However, I don’t see your images indexed on Yahoo Images?

I checked your image URLs and they appear to be the stock magento image hosting, with long magento added url extension? We’ve had our site up for nearly a year and have yet to have any of our images properly indexed by Google Images. You’re site is the first magento site I’ve seen accomplish this. Appreciate your help!

Our site: aluminum foil wrap

It’s easy getting Google Checkout to work on Magento, but the big drawback is that it fails to accurately carry over carrier calculated shipping rates. Are you using flat shipping rates or carrier calculated rates? We’ve been trying for months to get Google Checkout to properly work, eventually had to disable it. There were no answers on the Magento forum either. Do you mind sharing your website url? Thanks!

Hi A1anm,

did you checked the Magento wiki about this ? Please check

I think you will get more information about your issue.