Magento design

Hello all
i just builed a e-commerce website with magento, i used the free template for the deign, .

If i want to do my own design what programming language i need to know?

what is phtml? I notice magento used a lot of those
I am not strong in programming if any one can point me into the right direction where i can learn would be great
thanks alot

what is phtml? If I remember correctly… it’s magento’s template files.

If i want to do my own design what programming language i need to know?
PHP, XML, CSS, HTML. Very steep learning curve if you want to create and customize your own templates. You need to get a good understanding of XML and how magento organizes it’s files. I suggest you start reading up on the magento forums, though last time I was there the support isn’t very good, if your serious about creating pixel perfect ecommerce stores I suggest you buy a book.

Magento consists of:
Skins = CSS (you can create as many skins as you like and assign different skins to different pages, people tend to switch the styles based on the season)
Layouts = XML (this controls all the components and where to put them, if you get your head around this your half way there)
Templates = PHTML Full of PHP code and includes (I use notepad++ to open and edit the files)

You need to create new folders and files in the main directory along side the default files, if files cannot be found magento will use the default files. NEVER delete or replace any of the default files, create your own and login into your admin and active the new skin/template, else magento will not be able to update the system when new updates and patches arrive.

Make sure you have firebug installed in your FF browser, you’ll be using this heavily.

Again, start in the forums and read the starter guide, Good luck

Good job lakersfan with your template choice! Magento is ver powerful and you should be happy with your final product. If you happen to run into any problems check out the step by step instructions here…

You will need absolutely excellent CSS skills and also excellent DEBUGGING skills to play around with Magento. The fact that you’ll have several, competing, often contradictory files who cascade all over one another means you’ll need a good debugging tool if you’re ready to play with layouts.

I have been working on and off for a friend who has Magento and I’ve been fixing his pages (esp now after a big update) and it has been hair loss, hair loss, hair loss. Oh and the multiple JS libraries. One was not good enough, apparently, so they needed jQuery AND prototype AND something called highslide? AND custom varien.js which was supposed to make IE6 hover on stuff…

Yeah, I’d definitely add debugging as a necessary skill. Nothing’s plain and simple, it’s like an onion.