Magento Database Synchronization to POS server

I need to know about Magento e-commerce software. I have to develop e-commerce website and i decide to develop this website through Magento software. But there is a question. for this e-commerce website i need to sync data from e-commerce website to POS server (which is in another location and previously developed.). Now my question, is this possible to sync data from website (which is developed by Magento) to POS server or POS server to website? As this is product related website so product inventory that is how many product in stock and anybody who add product in shopping cart and checkout so product decrease and at that moment product inventory adjust in POS server so all other retail shop can see exact number of that product.

Please suggest me about this issue.


If both sites are interacting from the same database why would they not be in sync?

Thank You Mittineague.

But both site has individual database. But product table information of POS server database which needs to sync to newly developed website database.

Is this possible ??

Technically, it is possible but there are many factors that maybe will make it impossible, starting from security. In order to allow that possibility, you need to authorize the IP and open the communication port. This could go from the web server to the POS server or the other way around. I would suggest that it goes from POS server to web server, you’ll simply need to ask your hosting provider to allow access to that IP in particular.

Still, depending on how tight is security, you’ll probably need to authorize the administration page in your proxies, routers, etc.

If you want to do some instant synch, that means that there has to be a permanent connection with the POS server, in which case you might be better off creating the website and connecting directly to the POS server but, of course, that raises a security issue as well.

Another choice would be to create a replica of the POS server database in your web server and synchronize once or twice a day.

It all depends on how many items you expect to sell and all that.

So, yes, it is possible… but is it possible in your case? I don’t know

Thank you molona.

POS server database replica in xml format will remain in a certain folder and we have to collect that xml file. Then we need to synch that xml file with our web server database. Again we have to generate xml file of our database (if any change occur for example: any product sold out) then keep it in a certain folder and then pos server will crawl this xml file then synch with their database.

Now my question is:

  1. If i want to generate xml file from our database after every 10 mins(for example) then how i can do it?? This xml generation should occur automatically.
  2. I need to keep this generated xml file in a certain folder
  3. How can i access xml format file of POS server database after every 10 mins(for example) from a certain folder? This will also occur by executing a time scheduler not manually.
  4. After accessing that xml file need to synch with my web server database product table then how can i do it?

These are the criteria i need help. Please suggest if anyone can.

1.- That looks like a cron job. Use an export instruction from the database

2.- You should if you’re using XML files unless you want to go mad :stuck_out_tongue:

3.- In this case, you wil import the data from the file in the folder, so again, use whatever import instruction your database uses

4.- Everything is import / export

The thing is that I don’t know Magento that well. I don’t use it because it is too expensive for the type of projects that I do.

There are lots of plugins and extensions that would do the job for this but you’ll have to pay for those and it is not “cheap” (around USD)

The good news is that if there’s an extension, then it is possible. But I can’t tell you the specific instructio for this.

I would recommend looking into some extensions for product importing and exporting.

Perhaps one of those can be used as a stepping stone to build an adaptor for your POS system. Best case scenario if it is a popular POS system perhaps there is an extension already available to do this. Worst case you use one of the extensions available and feed it massaged data from your POS system.

Once that is up and working in the simplest of forms create a cron job to it on a schedule basis. In the magento config.xml file for a module cron jobs can be created. If you’re not familiar than searching how to create a cron job in Magento will probably yield some useful results.

I did some research and where I would start is with this.

It has some real good documentation and is completely open source. There is also the concept of plugins to build your own integrations. Also a command line mode which can be used with cron to run the import.

That is what I would start off with for importing/updating products from a csv file into Magento.

However, you will still need a stand alone script/middle-ware to create the properly formatted csv file from the POS system which you are working with.

Now if you want to go the other (Magento => POS) way I don’t believe magmi will do that. That is going to require a separate extension/script for Magento and the POS system.

This doesn’t look to be for the faint of heart. This is probably going to take a consider amount of time/programming/researching to get perfect.

Here is a module that provides an integrated UI for magmi and can export products to google spreadsheets.

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