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Hello Guys

So I did setup a website with domain etc. on a vps. Im intressted to have a macro running on this site. They Idea is that it spams space with exact pauses between. I dont know if that is possible only with the website. Sorry if I postet in the wrong Category. Also is my english pretty bad.

Thanks for your answers.


Welcome to the forums @kallios3001
I know English is not your first language, but I’m not quite sure exactly what it is you are asking. Perhaps you could explain in more clearly.
From what I can tell, setting up a Cron Job may be what you are looking for.


ok. I try again. I have hosted a website on a vps. My Idea is: When you open the site or click a button, it start spamming a button. Like space. Just like autohotkey. Just external on the site trough the browser.

I hope that explained what my Idea is.

Thanks for the fast reply


Now it does not sound like a cron job. :smile:

If the action you want is a reaction to a user action, such as a key press or button click, then you should most likely employ client-side scripting, such as javascript, not server-side scripting like PHP.

For now I will move this to the General Web Dev forum.


Ofc I know It would be much easier doing it client side. But my idea is without a download just by opening the side u have a working Macro that I can configer. Or is there no direct was to do that?

Thanks again for this very fast responds.


Hi, kallios3001,

Spamming the space button with autohotkey, that sounds like what is used on some game sites to automate things, like rapid fire using the space key.

If you are hosting an online game I think you could have macros activated by hot-keys on the site. That could work like AHK does even for those on a moblie or non Windows, if that is your idea.

Like @SamA74 suggests it would be best done client-side, if done server-side I think you might have trouble with delays in the respons from the server on client side actions like pressing/not pressing a button. Or maybe not. I’m not a gamer and I’m just guessing. :slight_smile:

You need to describe in more detail what the goal of your idea is, what the result should be when it goes on.


yes you are right the Idea was ment for a game. But the game is running on the pc. (local) I was just hopeing there is a way around autohotkey and ppl can just open my site, and can use the macro then.

So no Ideao how to do that? the delay thing idk… I mean it need anyways delay between the presses of the key. Prolly u can calculatet it in to that.



I honestly don’t think there is. :slight_smile:

If there was a way, that would mean that your site could use the browser to remotely take over the keyboard on the pc, like a man in the middle attack between the keyboard and the pc process running the game.

I wishfully think that would require state level hacking capabilities only possessed by the likes of NSA.


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